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Standards of Membership
R o d o s   g o l f   c l u b

Article One – General

Section 1: Name and Object. The name of the club is “RODOS GOLF CLUB” (the “Club”) with business address Xanthou 40, 85103 Afandou, Rodos, Greece. The object of the Club is to provide recreational and social activities among its members.

Section 2: Interpretation of Standards. With respect to all questions of interpretation and construction of the Standards, the decision of the Board of Directors shall be final and conclusive. The Standards are an integral part of the membership application submitted to the Club, and the applicant is expected to read and understand the Standards before submitting his or her application.

Section 3: Amendments. The Standards may be amended or altered or rescinded and new or additional sections adopted by the majority vote at any regular meeting of the Board of Directors at which a quorum is present.

Section 4: Fiscal year. The fiscal year of the Club commences on the first day of Januar. The Club reports its operations on a fiscal year basis ending December 31st to the Board of Directors. All dues are payable annually in advance by the first of October each year.

Section 5: Liability. The Club shall not be liable or responsible for the loss or damage to or destruction of the property of any person.

Any property of the Club which is damaged or removed by a member or by any person for whom that members is responsible, shall be paid for by that member upon written demand by the Club.

Article Two – Membership

Section 1: Inclusion in Memberships. A membership can be held by only one (1) individual. Corporate memberships must be assigned to one (1) and only one (1) corporate officer. This individual shall have the full rights, privileges and equity associated with membership.

Section 2: Application of Membership. Persons desiring to acquire membership in the Club shall apply for same in accordance with the following procedures:

2.1 Applications for membership shall be made on forms supplied by the Club. The membership fee shall be established by the Board of Directors. Application for memberships shall be accompanied by payment of the full amount, as in effect at that time. This payment made in connection with a membership application shall be credited against the applicable membership fee if the applicant is approved, or refunded if the application is not approved.

2.2 Any applicant shall be deemed, by virtue of the submission of a membership application, to have verified and confirmed the truth and completeness of the information contained therein and shall promptly notify the Club, in writing, of any changes in such information which occur or are discovered during the pendency of the application.

2.3 It shall be a continuing condition to a Club membership that the application was true and complete when made and remained true and complete at all times prior to the acceptance thereof.

2.4 The Board of Directors may appoint a membership committee as provided herein, but the Board of Directors shall at all times have the power to make the final determination as to the acceptance for membership.

2.5 The Board of Directors, or its duly appointed membership committee, shall meet as often as it deems necessary, but no less frequently than semi-annually, to review membership applications. All information contained in applications for membership, all supplemental information submitted or obtained in connection therewith and all deliberations as to such application shall be held in the strictest confidence except (1) to the extend reasonable necessary to verify same, (2) in connection with imposition of sanctions in regard to the falsity or incompleteness thereof, or (3) as provided in Subsection 2.6 below.

2.6 No acceptance or rejection of application shall be binding upon the Club unless in writing and signed by a member of the Board of Directors.

2.7 The Board of Directors may, but shall not be required to, post the name of an applicant for membership in the Club and solicit comments on same. Such comments shall be made and held in the strictest confidence.

2.8 All members selected for membership will be given a one (1) year probationary status, said period to begin upon acceptance for membership.

Section 3: Membership Responsibility. Each member shall be subject to these Standards and the rules and regulations of the Club, as currently adopted and as amended from time to time. Compliance with these Standards and rules and regulations shall be considered an integral part of membership responsibility.

Section 4: Resignation. The resignation of any member shall be tendered to the Board of Directors over the signature of the resigning member and is effective immediately.

Section 5: Nontransferability of Memberships. No membership shall be transferable or assignable or pledged or encumbered in any manner, and any attempt to do so shall be null and void automatically and shall be subject the offending member to the sanctions provided for in these Standards of Membership. The foregoing not withstanding, corporations may transfer the membership privileges from one corporate officer to another.

Section 6: Dress Code. The object of the Club is to be one of the premier golf clubs in the country. All members and guests must dress to reflect this high standard. Gentlemen (and boys) are required to wear slacks or golf shorts (i.e., Bermuda shorts cut just above the knee). Jeans will not be permitted. Ladies (and girls) must also adhere to high standard and their wearing apparel shall be suitable for a club of this stature (i.e., no short shorts, tennis outfits, short skirts, halter tops, tank tops, etc. in the clubhouse or on the golf course). 

Section 7: Dissolution of Memberships. The Board of Directors reserves the right to dissolve any membership immediately, if a member conflicts with these Standards and the rules and regulations of the Club.

Article Three – Committees

Section 1: Committees. The Board of Directors may, by majority vote, create such standing and special advisory committees of the Club as it may deem appropriate from time to time.

Section 2: Limitations on Committees. No committee shall make any expenditure or incur any obligation on behalf of the Club except with the approval of the Board of Directors. Moreover, the committees of the Club shall serve only to advise and assist the Board of Directors and its officers and shall not exercise any independent powers except those delegated to them, if any, by the Board of Directors in accordance with Article Four of these Standards of Membership.


Rodos Golf Club
Αφαντου Γκολφ
85103 Ροδος





































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